About us

KOTLA is Specialized Space Design Company

KOTLA is conducting major works in the field of exhibition marketing and a leading stand designer and stand contractor company offering customized booths and pavilions all around the world. Our exhibition stand builders will make sure that your stand is notable and achieves the objectives of your events and exhibitions. Investing in events is a costly occasion and you should market your attendance at the exhibition as much as possible to maximise the return.

Accurate advance planning is significant

KOTLA pursues stable operations. We plan to complete the exhibition installation in a short period of time with sufficient features, design and structure of the exhibition hall that customers desire.

Design company with internationalization exhibition system

KOTLA is an exhibition design company that has established an internationalization exhibition system through the network with partners from all over the world based on the abundant experience in Korea and overseas. We understand the customer’s exact needs and make sure to provide the best profit and satisfaction to them with the best quality

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